At the Law Offices of Sapiro Gottlieb & Kroll, experience matters.  SGKLegal
possesses over 75 years combined legal experience representing clients
throughout New Jersey.  Since 1977, founding partners David Sapiro, retired of
counsel, and Alan Gottlieb, rolled up their sleeves and used their practical
knowledge and passion for the law to provide highly effective legal services to
their clients. Newest partner, Lawrence Kroll, joined SGKLegal in 2005,
contributing twenty-two years of experience and an enthusiasm to elevate the
people-focused approach.

As a team, SGKLegal has worked together for over 35 years.  Our attorneys are
accustomed to each other’s professional approach to a case which allows
versatility and value-added service for our clients. We can take care of matters
quickly and efficiently, with an eye to saving money while providing a high
degree of personal attention to our clients.

Contact our attorneys for experienced legal counsel on business law or family
law matters, real estate transactions, corporate and commercial matters
including litigation and wills and estate planning, and workers’ compensation

Call the office of Sapiro Gottlieb & Kroll at (732) 613-8000 to schedule a free initial
consultation to assess your legal needs.

2016 Client Satisfaction Survey

Our March 2016 client satisfaction survey indicated 90% of our past and present clients rate SGKLegal services to meet or exceed their expectations.

Our top 5 highly rated services areas include:

  1. Quality of legal services
  2. Communication throughout the legal experience with attorney and/or administration
  3. Understanding individual case/goals
  4. Accurate, timely, and comprehensive services provided
  5. Our attorney(s) show they care about their clients

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