Business & Commercial Law

Business & Commercial Law

If you need the assistance of a lawyer to help you with starting a business or resolving a business-related issue or dispute – why not choose business law attorneys who have a strong business background.

At The Law Office of Sapiro, Gottlieb & Kroll we have a strong understanding of how businesses operate. Partners David Sapiro and Alan Gottlieb have strong business and accounting backgrounds.

We offer small and medium-sized businesses several different business planning and business consulting services including:

  • Advice on forming a new business entity including guidance on which type of business entity to form, whether it be a partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC), or corporation, and which would best serve their business objectives
  • Representing the business in litigation matters with stockholders, former employees, or other businesses including contract and shareholder disputes, and other commercial disputes
  • Acting as general counsel to assist with any legal services that may be required for your business to operate smoothly, including negotiating, drafting and reviewing business agreements and contracts.

Regardless of the business law services we are providing, we will take the time to understand and get involved in all phases of your business. Our business law attorneys will set your mind at ease by provide you with personalized attention geared to your business needs.