Family Law & Divorce

Family Law & Divorce

When you are involved with an emotionally trying situation, such as a divorce, child custody dispute, or marital separation, you need a calm, experienced family law lawyer – someone who understands what you are going through and brings a clear eye to your problems. For over 30 years our law office has handled family law matters, from marital dissolution to mediation of property settlements.

Divorce/Marital Dissolution

Our partners are experienced litigators and members of the American Trial Lawyers Association. The firm’s strong reputation encourages settlement, rather than a long drawn out trial. Our adversaries know that we do our homework. If their settlement offer is insufficient, they know they will be in for a difficult time.

Spousal Support/Child Support

With extensive experience handing support and property settlement issues, whether you are attempting to establish an alimony or child support obligation, or you need to enforce or modify an existing agreement, our years of experience will be invaluable.

Domestic Violence

Our family law attorneys represent victims and defendants in domestic violence cases. If you have been a victim of domestic violence, we will help you obtain a restraining order or other court ordered restrictions for protection. If you have been wrongfully accused of committing domestic violence, we will vigorously defend you.

No matter what your situation, Contact the Family Law attrorneys at the Law Office of Sapiro, Gottlieb & Kroll for experienced help and a free initial consultation.