Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Planning

It is important for everyone to have a plan in place to express one’s desires for handling finances and health care decisions in case you become incapacitated. Prepare now for the unexpected.

At the Law Office of Sapiro, Gottlieb & Kroll we provide comprehensive estate planning services including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney – durable financial power of attorney/ medical power of attorney
  • Living wills/medical directives
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships
  • Probate
  • Elder Law / Medicaid planning
  • Litigation – will contests,estate litigation

We will work with you to find the estate plan that will best accomplish your goals. Our estate practice is focused on working with clients to ensure that their assets are protected and are being transferred in the most appropriate manner. Our estate planning attorneys have a strong business and accounting from their background. They are able to draw on that experience to help you put in place an estate plan that considers both short and long term goals while explaining the tax implications.

At a bare minimum, we urge people to have an estate plan in place that includes a will, a living will, and a power of attorney. These documents will provide some guidance for health care wishes and financial decisions if you become incapacitated or pass away. It is important to speak with an estate planning lawyer to update these documents whenever a life cycle event occurs, including, but not limited to, the birth of a new child, a death, retirement, or illness.

We also assist clients with probating an estate after someone has passed away. Our attorneys can help when there is a will in place at the time or death or when someone dies without a will (intestate). We understand the probate procedures and are experienced with helping people through the probate process.

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