Terminate Parental Rights?

Many times, a custodial parent will ask a non-custodial parent if they would agree to terminate their parental rights in exchange for a waiver of child support.  Do Not Agree! Please consult your attorney.  In New Jersey, a parent cannot terminate their parental rights, nor seek to terminate the other parent’s parental rights and avoid the payment of child support.  Even if the other parent says so, child support technically belongs to the CHILD, not the parent.  A Judge is not allowed to sign these orders, and if it is signed, it is not enforceable, and either parent could come back to court to seek visitation or the payment of child support.  The only way a parent’s rights can be terminated is if there is an adoption, or if DCPP brings an abuse or neglect action.  There are specific cases regarding this very issue.  If you or someone you know is in this situation, call us for a free initial consultation to discuss their rights and obligations.

Written by Larry Kroll, Attorney At Law, March 2019