Unbundling Legal Services – Are You All In?

More and more people are curious about “unbundled” legal services. What exactly does that mean?

Traditionally, a client hires a lawyer to represent them throughout an entire case, or for a particular transaction. The attorney may appear in court, negotiate with the other attorney, or draft all the paperwork; in short, does anything and everything necessary to complete a legal matter from beginning to end.

There are instances when a client may not need to hire an attorney for an entire matter. Sometimes it is a cost factor, they just can’t afford to hire an attorney. Sometimes they just want an attorney to draft a document or contract. Perhaps they just want an attorney to attend a hearing for them, instead of providing full representation.

Due to structural reasoning, many attorneys may not accept a client with limited matters. In New Jersey, either an attorney is “all in” or “all out.” I cannot represent a client in court in a limited fashion. I cannot appear in court for just one hearing or one event. Once I notify the Court I represent a client in a matter, I am obligated to represent that client until the matter is concluded.

There are options. A client may retain my legal services to draft a complaint, or a motion, to make sure the document is prepared correctly. I will draft the document and permit the client to file for themselves. Take the entrepreneur who wishes to buy a business. I would be hired to review a contract, however, the client can negotiate any suggested changes themselves. In an amicable divorce matter, I could draft a matrimonial settlement agreement and allow the client to submit the proposal to the Judge.

People choose unbundled legal services for various reasons, most frequently for financial reasons. Our law firm understands that your financial responsibility is of great concern. Our attorneys charge clients for the time it takes to complete the specific task, and there is no obligation to incur any further expense or cost if the client does not wish to. While you are not fully represented by an attorney, it does allow for a level of cost certainty.

Learn more about our unbundled legal services and how SGKLegal can bring you confidence without breaking the bank.

Written by Larry Kroll, Attorney At Law, March 2018