We Took the Pledge For Disability Diversity in the Legal Profession

Once upon a time, the legal profession was primarily a “white male” enclave. Women were few and far between, and minorities of any kind were almost invisible. Persons with disabilities were invisible. Over time, membership in the Bar has broadened; we think to the benefit of all. A limited population leads to a narrow focus and point of view. We welcome colleagues of varied backgrounds, different denominations, and of varied populations. Diverse backgrounds lead to varied and challenging points of view, as well as lowering the barriers for access to legal services. As a result, we have signed the American Bar Association’s pledge for Disability Diversity in the Legal Profession, and we will exhibit a signed copy of the Pledge in our offices and on-line. SGKLegal has in the past, and will in the future, welcome the opportunity to represent the diverse populations where we are located. We will encourage people of all kinds to pursue legal careers in order to continue broaden the spectrum of legal thought, and to continue to lower the barriers for access to legal services. Thank you for the opportunity to represent you!

Written by Larry Kroll, Attorney At Law, October 23, 2018